Things to Consider When Designing a Turnkey Finishing System

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When designing a turnkey finishing system for your business, you need to consider your production process. At Belco Industries, we want to ensure that you get exactly the right machine for your company’s needs. Here are a few of the most common finishing system components and what you need to take into consideration when purchasing each.

Pre-Treatment Systems

First, ask yourself this: what type of product are you coating? What specifications do you need to meet? What material or substrate is your part made of? What adhesion standards do you need to meet? Consider the drainage on your parts. How will the moisture drain from the part itself?

Another thing to consider is how much floor space you have available for your new machine. Our custom machines are available in a variety of different designs to suit the space you have available.

Moisture Drying Ovens

The majority of drying ovens operate in the range of 6-12 minutes at 300 degrees max.

Different parts may require different designs in order to achieve the right results.

What is your heating medium? You can consider gas (indirect and direct), propane, steam, and electric heating.

Paint and Powder Cure Ovens

Think about the paint or powder coating involved in your process. What times and temperatures need to be achieved in order to cure the coating? The majority of cure ovens operate in the range of 15-25 minutes at 500 degrees maximum, but different parts and types of coatings may require different designs.

What is your heating medium? Is it gas, propane, steam, or electric? Will you need an infrared (IR) preheat section of your oven?

The most efficient oven is a bottom entry oven, which requires the oven to be elevated. Does your facility have the space and setup to accommodate that? If height becomes an issue, Belco designs ovens with different style air seals and/or gravity hoods.

Conveyor Systems

A few things to consider when it comes to conveyor systems are line speed needed, type of product, type of racking required, quantity of parts for production, and the weight of the parts.

We offer a variety of conveyor systems, including overhead monorail (designed to handle individual parts on a continuous basis), overhead power, and free (often used for parts that are difficult to load because of size/weight, and/or parts that require different paths, treatments, or packaging.

Paint Spray Booths

All of our paint spray booths are custom-designed to fit your application needs. Give us a call to discuss what you’re looking for.

Belco Computer Control System

We offer multiple features in our computer control systems, including auto start and stop, system diagnostics, historical system data, and remote modem service. Our systems are built with PLC controls or relay logic.

Installation Services

Belco is with you from start to finish. All of our equipment is custom-designed and built to meet our customers’ specifications.

We will work directly with your chemical and paint/powder supplier to make sure our equipment suits your needs. If you don’t have local suppliers, we can assist you with finding some in your area.

At Belco, the people who engineer and build your equipment will be the same people who install it. That means you’re interacting with people who know the equipment like the back of their hand.

Ready to Learn More?

If you’re in need of custom finishing equipment for your production process, we’re ready to work with you. Belco Industries is an original equipment manufacturer of extrusion and finishing equipment located in Belding, MI. To learn more about our American-made equipment, fill out our online contact form or call (616) 794-0410. We look forward to hearing from you!

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