Cooling Tables

Cooling Table

The Cooling Table consists of Belt Transfer, Cooling Belts, and Stretcher Feed Belts. The Belco Belt Transfer Cooling Conveyor is designed to remove the extrusions from the roller runout conveyor and transport them away. The main cooling conveyor will then accept the extrusions from the Transfer Cooling Conveyor for transport towards the stretcher.

Design Features:

  • 4” wide belt
  • Belts are vulcanized endless construction.
  • Belts are supported on aluminum slider bed.
  • Belt beds are mounted to structural steel columns.
  • Columns are mounted to adjustable base tubes.
  • lagged drive pulleys.
  • Belts are driven by a gear reduced.
  • Motor and gearbox are mounted on an adjustable steel base.
  • Belts are vulcanized endless construction
  • Belts are forward and reversing.

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