Log/Billet Furnace

Log or Billet Furnace

The Belco Log Furnace is a direct flame impingement-style aluminum-heating furnace designed to work in conjunction with the Belco Hot Log Saw to provide precisely heated sawed billets to the extrusion press.

Logs are placed on the log storage table by the operator and then automatically deposited onto the furnace infeed pusher. The logs are pushed through the preheat section of the furnace and into the direct fired heat zones for final heating. When the extrusion press makes a call for a billet, the furnace door opens, the hot log is precisely located in the saw, the saw cycles and sends the hot billet to the press and the remainder of the log is pushed back into the furnace.

  • Potential energy efficiencies of 55% or more are achievable.
  • The furnace accommodates either billets or logs fed to the preheat section of the furnace via an automatic loader.
  • The furnace has two sections; a preheat section that efficiently warms incoming logs with excess heat captured from the flame-impingement area and a firing chamber featuring a state-of-the-art combustion system that helps maximize heating efficiencies.
  • PLC controls monitor the complete furnace operation.

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