Benefits of Owning a Powder Coating System

Benefits Of Owning Powder Coating Systems

Powder coating is a process that uses fine powders to give a clean and extremely durable finish to products. A powder coating system encompasses each step of the process, from the cleaning stage to the coating stage so a piece is then ready to be put into a curing oven.

Here at Belco, we offer both batch and conveyor processes, and our cost-efficient “Paint Shop To Go”. To learn more about how your company can benefit from a powder coating system, keep reading.

Batch Processes vs. Conveyor Processes

When deciding which powder coating system is right for your business, make sure you know the key advantages of each.

A powder coating conveyor system is great for working with large quantities of product. This system moves faster than the batch process and allows companies to powder coat a vast amount of materials.

Batch systems are more suitable for small and lower volume part demands, though. If your company works on more of a case-by-case basis with individual clients, a batch process powder coating system might be right for you.

With batch processes, the operation is slower but can offer more attention to fine details. Small parts, hidden corners, and complicated pieces are better treated with this system.

At Belco, all our powder coating systems will provide years of reliable service. If your company handles both large orders and niche demands, we’re happy to help service both your powder coating system needs.

Higher Quality Finishes

As a distributor, you’ll want customers to come back to you time and time again. The best way to do that is to provide them with the highest quality products on the market, otherwise, they’ll find them from someone else.

Powder coating your products ensures their quality too. With a proper cleaning and coating process, powder-coated products have a high resistance to chemicals, UV rays, and water damage. All of the powder coating systems we offer here at Belco are complete turnkey systems designed to exceed your manufacturing requirements, stay within budget, and minimize floor space.

Old to New

When you offer a finishing system like powder coating, you offer your clients a chance to bring the past back to life.

Old furnishings, appliances, lawn furniture, and so much more can go from trash to treasure with powder coating. As your powder coating systems provider, we offer multiple ways to accommodate this. One of which is again our “Paint Shop To Go,” which is perfect for cost-conscious customers who can handle self-installation.

Powder Versatility

With a powder coating system, you can offer your clients a lot of options. From coating color, texture, and finishes, you have a wide variety of possibilities that customers like to see.

This also means you don’t have to involve a third party if your client wants a specific look or feel to their piece. With an in-house powder coating system, your company becomes an all-in-one service shop for clients.

The Curing Oven

At Belco, we also offer curing ovens for after you add the powder coating. Each of our curing ovens are individually designed so we can meet all of your production needs. The curing oven is where the powder coat gets bonded with the material it was added to. Every curing oven from Belco will help save on energy while maximizing productivity.

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