Belco Industries and Macrodyne Technologies Form Partnership

belco industries and macrodyne technologies partnership
Industrial Equipment Manufacturers Team Up to Become North American Supplier for Turnkey Extrusion Presses.

Belding, Mich. August 2, 2021

Belco Industries out of Belding, Michigan has partnered with Macrodyne Technologies out of Toronto, Canada to provide short stroke front loading extrusion presses for North America. The tonnage for the machines will range from 500 to 8,000 tons with billet sizes and lengths to meet customer requirements.

Belco Industries was founded in 1959 and serves multiple locations nationwide from their 70,000 sq. ft. manufacturing facility. Across the border, Macrodyne Technologies has been supplying customized hydraulic presses, press lines, and die handling equipment since 1990. Both companies are thrilled to be meeting a real demand with this collaborative union.

“This partnership is very exciting for the aluminum extrusion industry as there has been a need for several years,” explains Chris Kohn, vice president of sales for Belco Industries. “We are looking forward to this bringing a North American supplier for presses.”

Belco Industries and Macrodyne Technologies are highly trusted in their industries and take pride in their ability to provide long-lasting, reliable, and precise equipment. Their goal is to deliver turnkey extrusion press lines that customers can use to streamline plant operations and positively impact profits.

“We’ve seen an outcry from customers to have local design, service, and supply support on aluminum extrusion lines,” reported a representative from Macrodyne. “With this partnership, we can provide a North American turnkey solution with faster delivery times and rapid response for the entire industry.”

About Belco Industries Incorporated

Belco Industries Incorporated is a worldwide developer, manufacturer, and marketer of industrial equipment for the Extrusion and Paint Finishing industries. Among those who benefit from our system solutions are suppliers and manufacturers of extruded aluminum automotive parts, appliances, fabricated metal, and furniture. Most products within our diversified line of Extrusion and Paint Finishing Equipment are manufactured internally. This on-site production allows us to carefully and meticulously monitor and control the high quality products we have come to be known for. It also gives us the flexibility to create custom solutions which help increase manufacturing standards and improve production quality.

About Macrodyne Technologies Inc.

Macrodyne Technologies Inc. designs and manufactures heavy-duty, high-quality hydraulic presses up to 30,000 tons, fully automated hydraulic press lines, and die handling equipment for dies and molds weighing more than 100 tons. We produce custom hydraulic presses & press lines for general metalforming applications, hot stamping, deep draw, forging, transfer, extrusion, coining, die spotting, hydroforming, elastoforming, superplastic forming, compression molding, high-pressure laminates, rubber transfer molding, stretch forming, battery. Our equipment is utilized in manufacturing operations for a broad range of industries including automotive, aerospace, industrial & consumer products, defense, construction, and many more.


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