Hot Log Saw

Hot Log Saw Extrusion

All of the advantages of sawing hot aluminum logs along with a 50% reduction in scrap due to a NEW Narrow Cut design. Belco and B&O teamed up with Otto Junker of the UK using concepts of the Junker Double Bladed Saw. The group solved billet handling issues associated with the Double Bladed Saw, providing our customers with the best Hot Log Saw in the extrusion industry.

Narrow Cut Hot Saw Benefits Include:

  • Smaller blade results in less kerf
  • Two smaller blades cost less than one large diameter blade
  • Less horsepower for motors overall
  • Carbide tip replacement is less costly
  • Blade change easier due to lighter blades
  • U.S. Patent No. 7,047,784 & 7,328,600

Hot Saw Developed by Belco and B&O Saws

Some of the advantages of sawing hot aluminum logs versus shearing or purchasing precut billets are:

  • Allows for reduced raw stock inventories
  • Sawed ends on billets are flat and square
  • Reduces extruded profile scrap
  • Improves extruded profile quality
  • Lower hydraulic pressures will result in:
    • Fewer leaks
    • Less wear
    • Lower maintenance
    • Less energy consumption
  • The log diameter can be changed without mechanical change of the equipment
  • The Belco/B&O Hot Log Saw can be retrofitted into current shear installations
  • More competitively priced than a shear
  • U.S. Patent No. 7,047,784 & 7,328,600

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