Buying Machinery: You Get What You Pay For

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When it comes to buying machinery for your business, there is a higher entry cost for purchasing custom new equipment versus used or cookie-cutter equipment made by overseas manufacturers. While this cost can be hard to justify in comparison to cheaper alternatives, you’re paying less in the long run by investing in the right equipment from custom machine builders like Belco. Here’s why.

1. Longevity

When you try to save money by buying used equipment or settling for cheaper machines from overseas, you’re costing yourself more in the long run. The lifespan of used and lower-quality machines just doesn’t compare to a new machine that’s custom-made to suit your business.

A used machine might work well at first, but you can’t know what problems you’ll encounter when you’re using older equipment. It can also be harder to repair used equipment, as the manufacturer might not offer repairs.

At Belco Industries, all of our machines are built by industry professionals using the highest quality components. That means you’re investing in a machine that will last for years, and if you experience an issue, you can count on our repair experts to get it back up and running in no time.

2. Quality

Buying equipment from overseas companies in Europe or Asia might be a way to save money upfront, but you’ll be compromising on quality. Quality and safety standards in the United States are more rigorous than they are in other countries, which means our equipment is created with compliance in mind.

We vouch for the quality of all of our machinery, and our technicians will come out to repair anything that breaks. When you buy from Belco, you can rest assured that you’re investing in a lifetime of value.

3. Customization

One of the drawbacks of trying to save money on new equipment is having to settle for what’s on the market, rather than investing in a custom machine that specifically suits your business needs. Pre-existing machinery might check many of your boxes, but you’ll always be working around some components that could be better optimized for your production process.

When you settle for cookie-cutter equipment, you’re settling for less. Custom machine builders can produce a better product for your business in the most efficient manner.

Custom machinery is a higher up-front investment but can save you a fortune over time by consistently delivering exactly what your business needs.

Contact Our Customer Machine Builders

At Belco, our custom machine builders create equipment according to our high-quality standards so you can achieve your production goals. If you need custom machinery for your production process, we’re ready to work with you. To learn more about our extrusion and finishing equipment, fill out our online contact form or call (616) 794-0410. We look forward to hearing from you!

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