Extrusion Pullers

Puller Overview

The Belco Extrusion Puller keeps constant tension on the profiles during the extrusion cycle. This allows for better control of extrusion lengths, reduces twisting and scrap, and helps contain the extrusions on the run-out table. The puller utilizes a state-of-the-art variable speed drive control package which operates through a cable or belt drive to repeatedly and precisely control pulling force, speed, position and length. The dual puller is designed to operate with a moveable hot saw to allow cutting extrusions on the weld mark during the extrusion cycle for reduced press cycle times, minimal scrap generation and high productivity.


  • Belco Extrusion Pullers give you better control of extrusion lengths.
  • Either Single Puller or Dual Puller Design
  • They reduce twisting and turning.
  • Our pullers keep extrusions on the runout table for minimal scrap and surface damage.
  • The dual system consists of two pullers working together on separate tracks. Dual pullers can achieve higher rates of production and minimal scrap when servicing today’s high speed, short cycle presses.
  • They are programmed for precise, accurate operation to match your production demands.

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