What Type of Age Oven Should You Buy?

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There are many different types of age ovens in the extrusion industry, but we believe that choosing the right one for your business should be easy. At Belco, we can design an age oven to fit your specific production needs. We offer a variety of ovens and can meet the demand of your process.

All of our age ovens are offered in gas (indirect or direct) and electric heat types, so you can choose the option that works for you. If you’re wondering what type of age oven would best suit your business, here’s what we have to offer.

Single End Flow Age Oven

This type of oven can come in a variety of sizes, but is most commonly used in lengths of up to 60’. It is designed with a single-burner heat house and sends the airflow in one direction, with exhausting in the middle of the oven.

Single End Flow Age Ovens can also incorporate the use of reversing dampers to reverse the airflow, giving you the option to allow the air to flow forward or backward.

Dual End Flow Age Oven

The design of this oven is similar in design to the Single End Flow Age Oven, but instead of one heat house it is designed using two.

The use of two heat houses gives the advantage of sending the airflow towards the doors, and exhausting in the center of the oven allows for a more consistent temperature. With lengths ranging from 60’ to 120’, it allows the extrusions to reach temper at a more controlled rate.

Cross Flow Age Oven

The Cross Flow Age Oven is designed to have better temperature control than the Dual End Flow Age Oven. This oven will send the air down the side wall of the oven to flow across the extrusions before returning to the opposite side of the oven.

This age oven can also use the design of the reversing dampers to allow the air to flow either forward or in reverse. The oven can vary in lengths depending on your specific application needs. Contact our custom machine builders to see what we can do.

Anneal Oven

The Belco Anneal Oven is designed for temperatures of 500°F or more. The design can be single end flow, dual end flow, or cross flow, depending on your application. Annealing capabilities are available on many oven types, so be sure to inquire if you have a specific design in mind.

Indexing/Continuous Aging

The Indexing/Continuous Aging Ovens are designed for the production cycle to maximize throughput. Their automatically-programmed controls can allow the oven to operate even during off shifts in order to guarantee efficiency.

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