Why Your Company Needs an Automatic Die Cleaning System

Automatic Die Cleaning System

Industrial dies go through quite a beating. For proper cleaning, most procedures use a solution with fiberglass particles that gets heated to over 800° Fahrenheit. This process has its risks though, because who wants to be anywhere near an 800° F chemical solution?

At Belco Industries we offer a simpler solution: an Automatic Die Cleaning System. Not only do they increase safety, but they’ll also help your productions and reduce waste. If you’re looking to learn more about how an automated system will help your industrial company, keep reading.

Increased Safety

When cleaning dies the traditional way, a staff member must insert them into the cleaning solution. As mentioned, this solution is insanely hot (over 800° F) and will sear human skin if it makes contact. It’s commonly used to remove aluminum build-up that happens from standard die use.

Specially trained staff members must wear industrial gloves when inserting and removing the basket of dies to protect their hands, but accidents can still happen if there’s a splash or spill.

On top of physical danger, the manual process is extremely hazardous because the chemical solution will release fumes into the air.

With an Automatic Die Cleaning System, you eliminate both the risk of chemical fumes polluting your caustic room and the risk of your team getting a nasty burn injury. As your Belding systems provider, Belco Industries aims to provide you with the best machines on the market to keep your working environment as safe as possible.

Efficient and Cost Reductive

With an Automatic Die Cleaning System from Belco, your company will reduce downtime and save on resources.

Because our extrusion systems are completely customizable, we’ll be sure to design yours in a way that works best with your company. Each of our Automatic Die Cleaning Systems saves on resources by extending chemical life within the chemical tanks and they improve on processing time by making the cleaning process easier. From a distance, your controller will be able to monitor all your cleaning crates in real-time and run more procedures than traditional methods allow.

How It Works

The automatic die cleaning process is pretty simple, and once you’re trained on the software you’ll be ready to show others.

The general run-through goes something like this:

  1. Your automatic die cleaning operator loads all the dirty dies into the cleaning crate. The crate will then get moved from a loading table to a transfer table.
  2. Via touch screen control, the operator has an automatic hoist pick up the crate from the transfer table and begins the cleaning operation.
  3. The dies go through a thorough cleaning operation to remove any gunk like aluminum build up.
  4. After the operation completes, the dies are brought to a processing zone where they’re safely unloaded and await an operator inspection.

Belco’s automatic system features a 304 SS double-welded caustic mix tank that can hold 1,400 gallons of solution. Within one hour, the tanks are up to working heat and ready for the cleaning process. This automated process allows for a simple cleaning system that’s flexible with your company’s needs.

Easy Installation

With Belco Industries as your system solutions people, we’ll make sure your Automatic Die Cleaning System is properly installed and ready to go.

Once set up, we’ll also make sure you and your team know how to operate the software so that your company is ready for all your future productions.

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