The Benefits of Designing with Aluminum Extrusions

Vertical Aluminum Extrusions

Sure we might be biased when it comes to aluminum extrusion, but manufacturers everywhere are on board — working and designing with aluminum has numerous benefits!

Here’s a list of why it’s such a popular manufacturing choice:

It’s lightweight yet has the ability to be strong. Aluminum weighs less by volume in comparison to other metals, making it easy to handle and less costly to ship. It can also be strengthened simply by adding elements to the aluminum alloy or applying specialized heat treatments.

It saves money! Not only does shipping cost less, but the price of aluminum itself is typically lower than most other metals and the cost of production and machining is lower as well.

It’s easily manipulated. Because it’s fairly soft, aluminum is quite malleable which makes it easy to cut, roll, bend, form, drill, machine – you name it! This makes it extremely cost-effective to work with and ideal for created component parts.

It possesses thermal & electrical conductivity. Since it’s an excellent conductor of both heat and cold, aluminum is ideal for a variety of industrial products and this thermal conductivity is what allows custom shapes to be created using an aluminum extrusion process. Aluminum’s low density also makes it an excellent conductor of electricity.

It can perform in a wide range of temperatures. The strength of aluminum increases in the cold and it’s heat resistance can be increased beyond 400 degrees simply by adding other metals to the alloy.

It’s naturally resistant to corrosion. Aluminum is protected by a naturally occurring oxide so it doesn’t need special applications and treatments to avoid rust and corrosion, saving time and money.

You can recycle it without losing quality. No other metal can be recycled and reused multiple times over without losing any of its characteristics. With sustainability and environmental issues in mind, you have to appreciate that!

All things considered, it’s pretty clear why we and millions of manufacturers love working with aluminum. If you want to learn more about aluminum extrusions and how such processes can benefit you, give us a call at Belco by dialing (616) 794-0410. Our experts are always happy to help.

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