Automatic Die Cleaning Systems

Belco's Automatic Die Cleaning System is the next evolution in the die cleaning process, taking safety, efficiency, and flexibility to new levels.

The system greatly reduces operational hazards by automating many aspects of the die cleaning process which may be otherwise done manually with ventilation and protective equipment. Intelligent controls allow for job completion without recleaning or other inconveniences. The ease of installation of the Belco Automatic Die Cleaning System will minimize downtime in your business.

Not all dies are the same. The Automatic Die Cleaning System from Belco adapts through a full diagnostic system and optimization tools that allow you to continuously improve its process.

Dies are loaded and unloaded into an empty cleaning tank with the cleaning solution preheated and ready to use. A consistent concentration of solution during the cleaning process means even and reliable cleaning over the life of the product. The device's rinse cycle also cools dies down so they can be returned to the shop with a shorter turnaround.

Belco's Automatic Die Cleaning System features a 304 SS, double-welded caustic mix tank that holds approximately 1,400 gallons of solution and is sized to supply a minimum of three cleaning tanks. The tank's preheating units will heat up a full tank of mix in one hour. Its one horsepower, double set, double propeller mixer motor and blades keep solids suspended in the solution while keeping a uniform temperature and preventing slippage.

The Automatic Die Cleaning System also has single or dual rinse options, using 1,000 gallon tanks made of fiberglass reinforced plastic. The system's die cleaning tanks are independently controlled with an emphasis on operator safety.

Trust your die cleaning needs to Belco's Automatic Die Cleaning System. Easy installation, reliable operation, and a safer atmosphere for your operators makes this system a wise choice.

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