Here’s What You Need to Know About Age Ovens

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What to Know About Age Ovens

Age ovens heat up plastic and rubber products, artificially aging them to simulate what would happen over years of use. Many industries also use these to test and finish aluminum parts. While they are essential to many industries, it’s normal to still have questions about how these impressive machines work. Continue reading to learn about the features, benefits, and applications of these industrial ovens.


  • Artificial Aging
  • Product Testing and Development
  • Heat Treatment

Product Testing and Development

Product designers use age ovens to determine how plastic and rubber components age over time. Instead of waiting in real-time, designers can place items inside them to artificially simulate how they’ll break down with natural wear and tear.

In other words, they’re able to fast-forward the process of aging so they can learn what about the product needs to be improved. Each product that’s placed in the oven is comprised of chemicals, which react when exposed to heat.

Heat Treatment

The automotive, transportation, and aerospace industries use age ovens to increase the yield and tensile strength of aluminum parts. During this heat treatment, aluminum or aluminum alloy is slowly heated under low temperatures to increase its strength. That way, aluminum parts become more durable and long-lasting. Many industries need aluminum aging ovens to artificially age and strengthen aluminum parts.

How Age Ovens Work

All industrial ovens need good airflow from the supply duct to the return duct. Otherwise, your oven won’t heat evenly. In other words, you’ll have hot and cold spots in your age oven that will affect the final result. If you’re testing products to see how they’ll age, this will contaminate your findings and affect future product development.

One of the advantages of working with us is that we’ll make sure your oven’s loading configuration is matched with the right airflow. For example, you’ll need full-horizontal airflow to consistently heat an oven with solid shelves. That way, air will be able to pass over and under your shelves.

Our age ovens have high-volume airflow so they heat up fast. This saves you time and ensures your products are always consistently heated, no matter where they’re placed in your industrial age oven. They are also built to last, which means you won’t have to worry about them breaking down and costing you valuable production time.

Design Considerations

We work with you one-on-one to find the perfect age oven for your needs. Industrial age ovens come in different sizes, models, temperatures, and configurations. We also understand that sometimes our clients need compact industrial ovens that won’t hog valuable floor space.

Most age ovens are batch ovens, which let you artificially age many products at once. These products enter the industrial batch oven via conveyor belt or are loaded onto shelves or trays.

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