Is a Hot Log Saw Right for Your Business?

Hot Log Saw Extrusion

Belco Industries and B&O teamed up with Otto Junker of the UK to solve billet handling issues associated with the Double Bladed Saw. The solution? The Hot Log Saw. If you’re wondering how this will benefit your business over a Double Bladed Saw, or common circular saw, then this read is for you.

Shearing Versus Sawing

Where the Hot Log Saw really shines is how it saws hot aluminum logs, versus shearing them.

When you shear hot aluminum logs, you run the risk of a clamping effect on the end of the billet. This clamping effect means that the billet’s end shape won’t be what was originally desired, it will be off by millimeters. Those millimeters can require a servicing step to help fit future needs. If your company faces that problem frequently, you may be better suited by a Hot Log Saw as it eliminates this problem.

A Circular Saw Versus the Hot Log Saw

One solution to the clamping effect is to use a circular saw, yet this is usually done to cut cold aluminum. Due to heated aluminum’s gummy texture, cutting the hot metal ruins a traditional saw blade.

If you’re hoping to have an assembly system cut your aluminum and then move it through an extruder, the aluminum billets will need to be heated. Traditional cold cutting methods don’t work in this assembly system because the heat coming from the aluminum log furnace can also damage your blades, so it has to be done in two parts. With a Hot Log Saw, everything can be done in the same assembly system though.

If your company focuses on mostly cold cutting, a circular saw might suit you well. But if you’re hoping to make extrusions on billets after a 1000° F heating process, the Hot Log Saw will save time and money.


There are a few key features to this saw that might interest you as a business owner trying to save money down the road. Mainly how the heating, cutting, and extruding processes will get done faster and more efficiently.

With a Hot Log Saw, blade life is significantly extended due to the saw’s simultaneous cooling and lubrication system. This system also prevents the gummy effect, creates much cleaner cuts, wastes significantly less material between each cut, and prolongs blade life. Added up, all of these factors save on time and resources.

With an aluminum extruder connected, the process of extruding aluminum also goes smoother because it’s streamlined. Billets can get heated, cut, and extruded all in the same run. The Hot Log Saw is also able to change log diameter without needing to mechanically change the equipment. This means resources of different sizes won’t slow your operation down, which ultimately results in your company producing more during a workday.

Want to Know More About the Hot Log Saw?

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