15 Things to Consider Before Installing Equipment

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Did you recently purchase some equipment? Well, we have come up with a checklist with the following points and questions to consider helping delivery and installation go more smoothly.


Who is transporting the equipment? How is it being delivered? Are there any special instructions? Is it being shipped internationally or domestically?


Be sure you know where you are going to store this equipment and that you have enough space for it. It sounds silly, but not taking this step can lead to many delays in productivity hurting your business.

Are you storing it indoors or outdoors? If outdoors, is it susceptible to the weather? Do you have the appropriate protection for it? If inside, is it accessible and usable for the employees who need to operate it?


Make sure it is clear who will be unloading the equipment. Will it be Belco or you the customer? Whoever is delivering the equipment needs to know where in the facility to deliver it to. What, if any, equipment is needed to unload the new equipment? Is the unload location a dock or grade level?

Safety Courses

Do your employees who may be installing/operating this equipment need any additional safety training? No employer wants their employees to get injured, and of course, while employees might bemoan safety training, none of them want to get injured either.

PPE Requirements

What are the PPE (personal protective equipment) requirements?  Do you need: vests, glasses, earplugs, steel toe boots, hard hat, masks, etc. How many of each will you need?

Not only do your employees need to know the correct procedures and parameters for installation and operation, but also the tools to actively be safe and maintain a safe work environment.

Bringing and Connecting Utilities to Equipment

Depending on what kind of equipment you are installing, you will need to hook it up to gas, electricity, air, water, etc. This can be handled by the customer, but Belco is also able to do this.

Restrooms and Break Area for Crews

Are there bathrooms at the site you will be installing the equipment? If not, those should be a high priority to install before any other work is done. Is there an established break area? This is less pressing than restrooms but still important.

Roof Penetrations

Will the equipment require new/more roof penetrations? Be sure you know how many and what size so you can plan that out and not compromise the structural integrity of your roof. This is usually done by the customer but can also be handled by Belco.

Vent Lines

Similar to roof penetrations, this is usually done by the customer, but can also be handled by Belco, vent lines are a vital part of the equipment to channel smoke, steam, fumes, etc. away from whatever you are producing.

Codes & Permits

Do you need any special permits to install the equipment? Are there special NFPA or OSHA requirements that need to be met?

Are you using in-house Electricians and/or Millwrights?

Who is installing the equipment? Is it in-house labor or outside contractors? Are there any union and/or non-union requirements that need to be met?

A clear path to the work area

This is a given, but everyone needs a reminder sometimes. It is important to make a clear path to the work area so you do not damage the equipment you are about to install on any other equipment. Also, installations can get messy with tools and parts, but keeping the area as clean as can help minimize errors and potential injuries.

Good lighting in the install area

Another given. You need to see what you are doing, just do not set up so much it is blinding.

Power for equipment – 440 welders 110 power tools

Are you equipped to handle all the electrical needs for your equipment and welders? If not, then make the necessary changes so you are able to facilitate that.

Heat in building

This is essential for places with colder climates and during the winter months. In the summer months, air conditioning is the more pressing need.

Questions about Equipment Installation?

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