How an Electrocoating System Can Save You Money

Electrocoat Systems in America

Here at Belco Industries, we take pride in all our finishing systems. From our cure ovens to our powder coating systems, all of them can help save your company money. And our electrocoating systems are no exception. Not only are our systems considered top-of-the-line, but we also work with leaders like PPG, BASF, DuPont, and Valspar to ensure the highest quality performance. If you’re wondering how an electrocoating system can save your company money, this read is for you.

Electrocoating Increases Product Longevity

An electrocoat film will increase the lifetime of your product by increasing durability and resistance to erosion. This helps give your product an edge over others, and it increases the safety of the product.

Our electrocoating systems serve industries like automotive, agricultural, appliance, lawn & garden, railway, HVAC, fasteners, office furniture, and more. Most everyday interactions involve products with an electrocoat film. From the cars we drive to work to the office chairs we sit at, electrocoating is part of everything.

As an electrocoating systems provider, you’ll want to ensure your customers that they’re getting the best products on the market. An electrocoat painting is a way to do that. By putting your products through an electrocoat system, you’ll also protect your company because your products will require less repair, which saves you from frustrated customer reviews and comments.

Electrocoat Systems are Economically Smart

In the past, electrocoat films were spray-painted on. Not only was this process dangerous because of a chemical known as Chrome 6, but it was also cost-inefficient.

Spray painting items, even on a conveyor belt system, wastes a lot of paint. Wasted paint means more dollars out of company pockets. Our electrocoat systems use nearly 100% of the paint because they have a closed-loop rinsing system.

With both our anodic and cathodic configurations, our electrocoating systems are highly cost-effective on labor too. This way you’ll be saving money on supplies and workforce. And don’t think the product will suffer. Our electrocoat finishing systems ensure control over film thickness so that your products get the best electrocoating on the market.

Electrocoat Systems are Better for the Environment

As we mentioned, an electrocoat system eliminates Chrome 6, a dangerous chemical for people and the environment.

On top of that, our electrocoating systems use deionized water as a key solvent, which in turn reduces VOC (volatile organic compound) emissions. This is a huge health advantage compared to traditional spray primers.

Taking steps to be environmentally friendly ultimately saves your company money, and it looks better in the eyes of the customer. Your company won’t have to worry about seeing its name on a list of places that owe environmental fees for how their products are made.

Ready for a Top-Of-The-Line Electrocoating System?

If you’re ready to move your company into the future, Belco Industries is ready to help you do so. Feel free to reach out and contact us online or call us at (616) 794-0410 about how an electrocoating system can benefit you today. As your Belding, MI electrocoating systems provider, we can’t wait to partner with you!

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